Smoothie #10: Pink Protein Power

I can take no credit for this one as it has come directly from the Mr this sunny Sunday morning before we take on the traumas of a Morrisons shop, inlaw visit and garden harvest. It’s going to be a busy day and this is a great, sweet start to it. Using whey, this is also a great workout recovery drink.

Local strawberries are coming to an end in our bit of Essex but we managed to score a double box for £2 in our local farm shop in Arlesford yesterday. They are all pretty gnarled and wouldn’t do in a posh display or anything decorative but they are really tasty- worth hitting up your local while the season winds down.


Boomboom Smoothie no 10

~250 calories
Up to 36g protein
Up to 1.5g fibre

6 good sized strawberries
125ml whole milk
1 scoop/35g unflavoured whey
Handful of ice cubes

Skinny it: use skimmed milk or add some cinnamon or vanilla essence if it isn’t sweet enough for you.

Splurge it: add a very ripe banana for more fibre but also more sugar and calories. Try a drizzle of honey or agave if you have a real sweet tooth.


Smoothie #9


Gardener’s Rescue- a quick filler in a break from battling the weeds when I’m also on damage control from some mass over indulgence yesterday. Really refreshing on a warm day, jazz apple gives it a pleasingly sharp zing.

Boomboom Smoothie No 9

<250 calories
Up to 5g protein
Up to 5g fibre

5tbspns low fat natural yoghurt
Half a jazz apple
Small banana
Handful icecubes
1/2 Tbspn apricot jam
1/2 cup cold water

Any sharp apple will work if you dont have jazz and you could swap out the jam if you like. Add half a scoop of whey to up the protein (and calorie) content.

Smoothie #8


Monkey Magic.
This was a quick fix breakfast to counterbalance the horror of an early start on a Sunday morning which I think we can all agree should be illegal. Sweet and easy on the stomach this felt like a childhood throwback to milkshakes and foam bananas and eating Chunky Monkey Ben & Jerry’s on holiday, most comforting. Good protein hit too.

Boomboom Smoothie No 8

< 400 calories
Up to 20g protein
Up to 6g fibre

1 medium, ripe banana
4 tablespoons Greek style low fat yoghurt
1 tablespoon peanut butter – no added sugar high peanut content if you can
1/2 tsp good quality cocoa powder
Drop of vanilla extract
Semi skimmed milk to bring up to volume

Good for treat times, sick days, early starts or exercise recovery.

Skinny it- go for normal non fat natural yoghurt or reduce peanut butter amount, swap milk for ice cubes to loosen and bring up to volume

Splurge it- swap the cocoa for a slug of chocolate syrup.

Smoothie #7


In The Pink.
I must confess to a slow start this morning but when Carlsberg make hangovers they are swiftly defeated, with this soothing sugar hit. Not one for the low carbers.

Boomboom Smoothie No 7

Around 400 calories
Up to 10g protein
Up to 12g fibre

1 medium banana
1 small green apple
5 medium strawberries
4 Tbspn natural yoghurt
2 tbspns muesli
1 tsp bramble jelly
Water to loosen

Good for an energy boost after a late night.

Skinny it- don’t try to cut on this one, as indulgences go this isn’t too bad. If it doesn’t fit your plan make something else.

Splurge it- use Greek yoghurt or a scoop of ice cream.

Smoothie #6


The Punisher.

Oh it’s not that bad. I really don’t believe in ‘detox’ ingredients but I do believe in a rest on the dairy and animal fats once in a while, especially when trying to lose weight in a holiday week. This is a real tummy filler with more than a days worth of vitamin a.

Boomboom Smoothie No 6

Around 250 calories
Up to 10g protein
Up to 6g fibre

2 cups fresh spinach
2 sticks celery
3 inches cucumber
1tbspn no added sugar crunchy peanut butter
1 small green apple
Half a lime- juice and flesh
1tsp fresh grated root ginger

Good for – a veg hit to make up for easter egg binges; hangovers; vegans

Skinny it- use less/no peanut butter if you really hate yourself

Splurge it- oh don’t bother just have some toast!

Smoothie #4


Back to Basics- an easy, fruity pick me up. Cinnamon is a great way to add depth and illusion of sweetness without piling on any more sugars- a great spice if you are trying to wean off a sweet tooth.

Boomboom Smoothie No 4

Around 250 calories
up to 7g protein
Up to 8g fibre

1 banana
1 red apple
1 large strawberry/ 2-3 small ones
100ml whole milk
1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
Ice cubes

Skinny it: use skimmed milk or swap for water and whey powder

Splurge it: add a splash of cream to bring out the strawberries or a dash of honey if you have a sweet tooth.

Smoothie #3

The Restorer, quickly developed to combat The Bonk after a long hike without enough breakfast. Huge vitamin C hit and about half a days vitamin A too. Ginger and lime keep it from being sickly.

Boomboom Smoothie No.3


Serves 1
Around 250 calories
Up to 11g protein
up to 6g fibre

1/4 banana
250g mango
100g zero fat Greek yoghurt
Half a lime, peeled
1tsp ground ginger
Handful ice cubes or half cup water

Good for tired legs that have hit The Wall and those with less of a sweet tooth.

Skinny it: use less mango to bring the sugar down

Splurge it: add a scoop of ice cream or white rum for a summer slushy cocktail.