Smoothie #10: Pink Protein Power

I can take no credit for this one as it has come directly from the Mr this sunny Sunday morning before we take on the traumas of a Morrisons shop, inlaw visit and garden harvest. It's going to be a busy day and this is a great, sweet start to it. Using whey, this is … Continue reading Smoothie #10: Pink Protein Power


Smoothie #9

Gardener's Rescue- a quick filler in a break from battling the weeds when I'm also on damage control from some mass over indulgence yesterday. Really refreshing on a warm day, jazz apple gives it a pleasingly sharp zing. Boomboom Smoothie No 9 <250 calories Up to 5g protein Up to 5g fibre 5tbspns low fat … Continue reading Smoothie #9

Smoothie #7

In The Pink. I must confess to a slow start this morning but when Carlsberg make hangovers they are swiftly defeated, with this soothing sugar hit. Not one for the low carbers. Boomboom Smoothie No 7 Around 400 calories Up to 10g protein Up to 12g fibre 1 medium banana 1 small green apple 5 … Continue reading Smoothie #7