Smoothie #11

It’s been some time since I was in the smoothie world, details of which I may or may not bore everyone with at a later date but this morning sees me at home for work and feeling somewhat world weary. World weary and too lazy to cook. World weary and too bored for cereal. So […]

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Smoothie #9

Gardener’s Rescue- a quick filler in a break from battling the weeds when I’m also on damage control from some mass over indulgence yesterday. Really refreshing on a warm day, jazz apple gives it a pleasingly sharp zing. Boomboom Smoothie No 9 <250 calories Up to 5g protein Up to 5g fibre 5tbspns low fat […]

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Smoothie #8

Monkey Magic. This was a quick fix breakfast to counterbalance the horror of an early start on a Sunday morning which I think we can all agree should be illegal. Sweet and easy on the stomach this felt like a childhood throwback to milkshakes and foam bananas and eating Chunky Monkey Ben & Jerry’s on […]

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Smoothie #7

In The Pink. I must confess to a slow start this morning but when Carlsberg make hangovers they are swiftly defeated, with this soothing sugar hit. Not one for the low carbers. Boomboom Smoothie No 7 Around 400 calories Up to 10g protein Up to 12g fibre 1 medium banana 1 small green apple 5 […]

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Smoothie #6

The Punisher. Oh it’s not that bad. I really don’t believe in ‘detox’ ingredients but I do believe in a rest on the dairy and animal fats once in a while, especially when trying to lose weight in a holiday week. This is a real tummy filler with more than a days worth of vitamin […]

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Smoothie #4

Back to Basics- an easy, fruity pick me up. Cinnamon is a great way to add depth and illusion of sweetness without piling on any more sugars- a great spice if you are trying to wean off a sweet tooth. Boomboom Smoothie No 4 Around 250 calories up to 7g protein Up to 8g fibre […]

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Smoothie #3

The Restorer, quickly developed to combat The Bonk after a long hike without enough breakfast. Huge vitamin C hit and about half a days vitamin A too. Ginger and lime keep it from being sickly. Boomboom Smoothie No.3 Serves 1 Around 250 calories Up to 11g protein up to 6g fibre 1/4 banana 250g mango […]

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Smoothie #2

A green and lean effort, distinctly savoury low cal tummy filler. Potential healthy boosts from fresh citrus and ginger. Boomboom Smoothie No. 2 Serves 1 <150 calories Up to 4g protein Up to 9g fibre Good for- dieters, sick days and exercise recovery. 1 small green apple 1 stick celery 4 inches cucumber 2tbspn fat […]

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Smoothie #1

Having just relocated, the Mr and I recently came into possession of a number of house warming gifts including a smoothie maker blender thing. I like a smoothie and I’m not sure that the Mr has ingested a solid meal since we unpacked this gadget so I thought I would share our successes in here. […]

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