Smoothie #8


Monkey Magic.
This was a quick fix breakfast to counterbalance the horror of an early start on a Sunday morning which I think we can all agree should be illegal. Sweet and easy on the stomach this felt like a childhood throwback to milkshakes and foam bananas and eating Chunky Monkey Ben & Jerry’s on holiday, most comforting. Good protein hit too.

Boomboom Smoothie No 8

< 400 calories
Up to 20g protein
Up to 6g fibre

1 medium, ripe banana
4 tablespoons Greek style low fat yoghurt
1 tablespoon peanut butter – no added sugar high peanut content if you can
1/2 tsp good quality cocoa powder
Drop of vanilla extract
Semi skimmed milk to bring up to volume

Good for treat times, sick days, early starts or exercise recovery.

Skinny it- go for normal non fat natural yoghurt or reduce peanut butter amount, swap milk for ice cubes to loosen and bring up to volume

Splurge it- swap the cocoa for a slug of chocolate syrup.


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