The Breakfast Club- Fork & Wine

I've alluded previously to my good fortune as regards eating establishments within spitting distance of my humble abode in Brightlingsea so I won't go on about that again other than to say here's another one! Although breakfast has always been a popular date activity for the Mr and myself, however out outings have been curbed … Continue reading The Breakfast Club- Fork & Wine


The Breakfast Club- Harvester

The Restaurant: Harvester Locations: Nationwide Specimen Venue: Colchester Menu: 'Continental' Buffet, unlimited hot items cooked to order Price: £2.99 (99p kids) all you can eat continental, £4.99 (£1.99 kids) to include hot items, bottomless coffee additional £2.25, other sundries available at further cost. Highlight: Good range on cold items Lowlight: see below! General Score: 5/10 … Continue reading The Breakfast Club- Harvester

The Breakfast Club: Toby Carvery

  The Restaurant: Toby Carvery Locations: Nationwide* Specimen Venue: Colchester Menu: Hot buffet* Price: £3.99 all you can eat, bottomless coffee additional £1.99, other additional sundries at cost depending on location* Highlight: Sausage and mushrooms* Lowlight: not great for restrictive diets General Score: 8/10 * *fairly serious variations between restaurants on price, inclusions and quality … Continue reading The Breakfast Club: Toby Carvery