Smoothie #2

A green and lean effort, distinctly savoury low cal tummy filler. Potential healthy boosts from fresh citrus and ginger.

Boomboom Smoothie No. 2


Serves 1
<150 calories
Up to 4g protein
Up to 9g fibre

Good for- dieters, sick days and exercise recovery.

1 small green apple
1 stick celery
4 inches cucumber
2tbspn fat free natural yoghurt
Juice and flesh of half a lime
Juice and flesh quarter of a lemon
About 2 Tspn fresh root ginger
Ice or water

Skinny it- half the yoghurt if you really need to.

Splurge it- chuck in half an avocado or some fresh coconut for a creamier result with higher fat and calorie content.


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