NAS Challenge- the summary

I have to say I started penning this post on the Sunday afternoon of the end of my no added sugar challenge with every intention of a rum and coke and a slice of vienetta and no regrets about not seeing it through to the turn of the week at midnight. It didn’t quite work […]

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NAS Challenge Day 5

It’s a not-much-to-report-day today. General happiness of payday and important and absorbing business of talking sh*t with friends made the morning fly by without snack breakdowns and staying on the no added sugar waggon has been easy. I came in to work armed with all the right things today- big lunch salad and small bit […]

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NAS Challenge Day 3

sad editors note- due to my lack of attention skills the crisps I raved about in this post turned out to be stealth sugar holders. See later updates on that 😦 Urgh. Today. It was all going too easily! The pain of today is lunch out with Bestie, which obviously isn’t a pain in itself […]

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NAS Challenge- Day 2

Once again I am going to ask if you are reading this and you are diabetic that you please ignore anything I say and speak to your doctor about your sugar intake and no one else. No one! Ah, the sugar. Yesterday I noted a 45g allowance of sugar on the macros calculator I use […]

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The Skinny Thing: NAS Challenge

So, in brief, I’m going into this week with the challenge ahead to avoid all added sugar in my eatings.  Why? Well, the summer is dwindling, the salads and ice water appeal is dropping with the temperature and with longer nights and festive parties on the horizon it is the time of year when my […]

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