Salt Masters

If you have an interest in cooking and don't live under a stone, chances are that you've heard recent buzzing about Himalayan Salt- the pretty pink sensation coming to table tops and bathtubs near you!!! You may well ask why I care about this and I will give you two reasons. The first is, rather … Continue reading Salt Masters


The Rosebud, Brightlingsea

What: Independent pub with seafood specialty menu Where: High Street/Hurst Green, Brightlingsea, Essex How Much: Variable Overall: I want to sell my house and live here instead.  My cousin recently commented on how lucky we are to live in a reasonably small town with so many excellent eateries, and whilst I'm not about the … Continue reading The Rosebud, Brightlingsea

The Skinny Thing- Four Months of Weight Watchers

Some time in November I told of my dip into the WW world of pointed dieting. It's been, well, irritating and effective in more or less equal measures. My progress in weight loss terms has been slow but generally in the right direction despite that pesky business of Christmas the misery month of January and … Continue reading The Skinny Thing- Four Months of Weight Watchers