Earth Day ’23- Eat For The World!!!!!!!

It’s Earth Day people!!! And if you hadn’t noticed: Earth is in trouble, and it’s where we all live. Biodiversity has decreased by up to 60% in the last 50 years* whilst the average global temperature is rising year on year and the sea quite literally rises around us. Babies are being born with microplastics […]


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The Breakfast Club- Continental Cafe

It’s been a while since I’ve found myself in the streets of Maldon, a saltmarsh town in Essex I’m pretty fond of. It’s equally twee and grotesque- traditional narrow streets and upcoming mega housing estates of doom; cutesy indie shops and a bloody Card Factory; beer and sea salt. And a lovey little prom walk […]

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Thorrington Mill Wines

When it comes to very local food and drink options in this bit of Essex, one tends to think oysters, chippies and ice creams- wine doesn’t tend to be high on the list. Sure in a regional sense Dedham Vale have put out some decent vintages and New Hall in Chelmsford are certainly doing the […]

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Breakfast Loaf Cake

Disclaimer: I am in no way prejudiced against any kind of cake and believe all baked goods deserve an equal opportunity to be served for breakfast. One is back in isolation again after app-detected contact with some infected party of the local township and frankly, this sucks. It’s boring and stressful at once and couldn’t […]

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Baked Oatmeal- But Make It Sexy

Everyone keeps banging on about baked oats at the moment. Like ooh they are so healthy and low GI and I say screw that, it’s still January and I want filth and substance on a cold Sunday morning. So I made baked oats around the crowd pleasing flavour combos already present in the kitchen- namely […]

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The X(mas) Files: Zoom Party Food

As the 2020 Yuletide approaches a lot of us are planning a seriously skimmed Christmas day and it isn’t the cheeriest of prospects in some households. Like, households that love people who live in other households….So, much like the rest of 2020 it’s beginning to look a lot like a Zoom meeting. This doesn’t have […]

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