The Breakfast Club- Fork & Wine

I've alluded previously to my good fortune as regards eating establishments within spitting distance of my humble abode in Brightlingsea so I won't go on about that again other than to say here's another one! Although breakfast has always been a popular date activity for the Mr and myself, however out outings have been curbed … Continue reading The Breakfast Club- Fork & Wine


The Rosebud, Brightlingsea

What: Independent pub with seafood specialty menu Where: High Street/Hurst Green, Brightlingsea, Essex How Much: Variable Overall: I want to sell my house and live here instead.  My cousin recently commented on how lucky we are to live in a reasonably small town with so many excellent eateries, and whilst I'm not about the … Continue reading The Rosebud, Brightlingsea

A Little Plug- Church St Tavern

What? Quality bistro, cocktails, modern bar menu Where? Church St, Colchester, CO1 1NF How Much? From bargain to blow out Overall: 11/10 I almost don't want to tell you about Church St Tavern, because it is my favourite spot in Colchester and quite frankly I don't want to share it. Tucked up just off … Continue reading A Little Plug- Church St Tavern