VIFC- Medieval Night

If I have ever moaned about a restrictive food club theme then this wasn’t it, as a quick google tells us that ‘Medieval’ times or the Middle Ages cover any dates from 500-1500 AD. Nice. Quite a lot to choose from then? Well, maybe. A quick chat confirmed that we all sought information from the, […]

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VIFC- Cooking With Dairy

  Have I mentioned that as well as our foodie nights the lovely Victoria Inn also hosts Cheese Club once a month? Yes, that’s where select individuals ascend to the private room at the back and eat a load of cheese. And talk about cheese. Then eat a bit more cheese. I couldn’t wait to […]

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VIFC- Asian Food

At a time that now seems many more moons ago than it probably was, the theme of Asia was drawn for the November meeting of the Victoria Inn Food Club. Actually referred to as cookery club these days but I prefer the FC acronym, so ner. Asia. Sadly the land mass and not the band, […]

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VIFC- Two Fat Ladies

No, we didn’t have an impromptu bingo night at the Victoria Inn Food Club for August, rather we drew the lot of recreating dishes from the old school beeb delights of Jennifer Patterson and Clarissa Dickson Wright, the proudly self proclaimed Two Fat Ladies. If you aren’t familar with them, think Floyd with busoms. If […]

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VIFC meeting- Keith Floyd!

Last month’s draw for Food Club was a celebrity chef again, the late, great Great Keith Floyd! Keith Floyd came to be 1943 and worked in the army for some time before embarking on his culinary career as either a bar man or a veg peeler, depending on your information source. He had something of […]

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VIFC- Gino D’acampo Night

For the February outing of the Victoria Inn Foodie Club, we drew a celebrity chef from the random pot of themes, Mr Gino D’acampo. Personally, I was nonplussed at this happening as I snobbishly don’t quite count Mr GD as a proper chef. Sorry, but smiling on Ready Steady Cook and giving the odd housewife […]

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VIFC Meeting- Veg!

I think it is fair to say at the end of last month’s meeting there weren’t many whoops of joy as the theme of Vegetable was drawn. For clarity this meant that dishes for the October meeting had to not just involve but star vegetables. Major food groups such as meat, fish and chocolate were […]

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VIFC Meeting- Rick Stein

If you’ve been following the VIFC chronicles you may have noticed that so far we’ve only had time periods or ingredients as themes. Last month the first celebrity chef theme was selected, and we got Mr Rick Stein to draw our inspiration from. In a short biography I give you Rick Stein: restaurateur and TV […]

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VIFC Meeting- Fruit!

I have been shamefully slow in the writing up of the May meeting of The Victoria Inn Food Club, and for this, well, lets pretend I have a good excuse and move on. The May meeting, as determined by the age old fail safe of drawing names from a hat, was fruit, and much like […]

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