Smoothie #10: Pink Protein Power

I can take no credit for this one as it has come directly from the Mr this sunny Sunday morning before we take on the traumas of a Morrisons shop, inlaw visit and garden harvest. It’s going to be a busy day and this is a great, sweet start to it. Using whey, this is also a great workout recovery drink.

Local strawberries are coming to an end in our bit of Essex but we managed to score a double box for £2 in our local farm shop in Arlesford yesterday. They are all pretty gnarled and wouldn’t do in a posh display or anything decorative but they are really tasty- worth hitting up your local while the season winds down.


Boomboom Smoothie no 10

~250 calories
Up to 36g protein
Up to 1.5g fibre

6 good sized strawberries
125ml whole milk
1 scoop/35g unflavoured whey
Handful of ice cubes

Skinny it: use skimmed milk or add some cinnamon or vanilla essence if it isn’t sweet enough for you.

Splurge it: add a very ripe banana for more fibre but also more sugar and calories. Try a drizzle of honey or agave if you have a real sweet tooth.


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