Conversions and Translations

Sadly no matter how global the internet is, we all have different weight and measurement preferences and yes, I do tend to skip between them so see below some handy links and explanations if I’m not speaking in your native tongue. Suggestions or requests for inclusions welcomed!


Click here to go between metric and imperial: That’s grams to ounces, Fahrenheit to Celsius,  pints to Ml and vice versa on all counts.

Really useful link if you don’t have measuring cups this lists metric and imperial equivalents.

If you need to switch between degrees and gas marks, here’s a link for that:


Aubergine- egg plant.

Coriander-  herb prevalent in Asian and some Mediterranean cooking, Americans tend to call it cilantro when fresh. No idea why!

Courgette- zucchini

Icing sugar- confectioners sugar

Rapseed oil- canola oil

Spuds- the humble potato!

Unsalted butter- ‘sweet’ butter


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