Smoothie #11

A sweet, fluffy start to the day with this simple vegan smoothie

It’s been some time since I was in the smoothie world, details of which I may or may not bore everyone with at a later date but this morning sees me at home for work and feeling somewhat world weary. World weary and too lazy to cook. World weary and too bored for cereal. So I whizzed up a smoothie and frankly, it has made me a better person. Gone are the days of protein powders for this skint blogger, and dairy has also made an exit from my kitchen so it’s an oatmilk base which opens up many potential debates. Is it really better for you than cow’s milk? Is it too much sugar? Is it destroying the environment? WHAT ABOUT THE FIBRE OH MY GOOD GOD!!!!! So there’s a banana for some fibre and all important start-of-the-day carbs, peanut butter for yum and sustenance and a good pinch of cinnamon because I really like it.

For once, it’s time to forgo the nutritional anxiety and enjoy a milkshake for breakfast, plant based as it is. Happy Friday.

Boomboom Smoothie #11- The Smug Vegan

Calories: Around 400
Fibre: at least 4g
Protein: up to 7g

Note- nutritional values on this will vary wildly depending on your oat milk and peanut butter brand.

1 sliced banana, ripe but not brown
400ml oatmilk
1 level tablespoon of peanut butter
a good pinch of ground cinnamon

Skinny It: use a no-nonsense low fat oatmilk with as few additives as possible or swap to almond milk (though this will effect the sweetness)

Splurge It: throw in some cocoa or chocolate syrup.


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