Smoothie #1

Having just relocated, the Mr and I recently came into possession of a number of house warming gifts including a smoothie maker blender thing. I like a smoothie and I’m not sure that the Mr has ingested a solid meal since we unpacked this gadget so I thought I would share our successes in here. Being at home today due to an inability to travel to work for digestive issues, I tried out this one for lunch. Not bad.


Boomboom Smoothie No.1

Serves 1
<300 cals
Up to 6g protein
Up to 6g fibre

Good for- breakfast, snacks, tummy filler, sick days.

Creamy and indulgent, this recipe tastes much naughtier than it is. Using the frozen fruit was a cold comfort to my, erm, delicate innards.

Small banana
Cup frozen mango chunks
Tbspn branflakes
3tbspn Greek style natural yoghurt
Tspn cinnamon
Splash whole milk

Skinny it- use low fat yoghurt and sub the milk splash for water

Splurge it- add a dollop of double cream or a slug of white rum for a summer treat cocktail


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