Food Hero: Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is something I had to grow into as I remember despising it as a child mainly due to the cloying consistency over the roof of my mouth which somehow is one of the biggest appeals now. Definitely one to join coffee, onions, beer and sea vegetables as tastes worth acquiring and I’m not […]

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Skinny Thing Food Hero- Fennel

Fennel- member of the carrot family that doubles as a pretty, bee friendly garden addition and yummy culinary additive. As expected for a bulbous vegetable, fennel is low calorie and fat negligible packing roughly 40% dietary fibre by weight. A 100g serving will get you about a third of your vitamin B requirements for the […]

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Food Hero- Celeriac

Celeriac, or if you prefer (and who wouldn’t) Knob Celery. *insert gales of childish giggling here*. A hefty root vegetable from the celery family which yields a bulbous root structure or ‘hypocotyl’ which looks marvellously like a dirt encrusted brain and tastes pretty good too. Celeriac grows pretty much anywhere but is thought to have originated in […]

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Food Hero: Watercress

Unless you live in the southern hemisphere or in some kind of fantastic underground super villain lair, you may have noticed that the winter is almost upon us. It’s freezing outside, and with a million cold bugs attempting to force their germy feet in the door it’s time to review your nutrition if you want […]

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Farmer Brown, Food Hero

I love a good food festival. Food, festivities, what’s not to love? And my home town certainly isn’t short of a culinary celebration in the summer months. Or any other kind of celebration being held in lower castle park with a bit of room for some grub stands.  I wont lie to you, they aren’t […]

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Food Hero: The Baked Potato

You know, there was a day a very long time ago that I was under the impression that I didn’t like potatoes. Unthinkable, obviously, it turns out I just really don’t like boiled potatoes (sorry Mum). I mean, what a bloody waste of a perfectly good vegetable! Or tuber or complex carb, whatever, your options […]

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Food Hero: M&S New York Coffee

We all have our little rituals on our days off, and of a Saturday morning I like nothing better than a slow start with a ton of coffee and a catch up with my on-line life.  I’ll happily confess to being something of a coffee tosser, and I’m subjected to diabolical machine swill at work […]

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