NAS Challenge Day 4- Damnable Dextrose!!

Those stupid crisps again, betrayer of my best intentions!!!

I started out today out cranky and hungry. It’s 9ish now and I can’t seem to wake up. I have half a mind that I’m getting a cold or something but I thought the same when I went vegan for an experiment a couple of years ago and it went away after a few days of adjusted eating. That was a much more extreme change than this and if anything my sugar consumption went up then so maybe related, maybe not.


If you think I was cranky before, imagine now as I pick up a pack of those lovely Ten Acre crisps I was going on about yesterday only to realise that they are vegan friendly. That’s weird, as most vegan friendly crisps and wotnot have some sugar in there to make up for lack of protein or dairy. Oh no. Oh yes, right at the end of the seasoning ingredients there is a massive clanger to my challenge. Dextrose. A corn derived simple sugar, chemically indistinguishable to glucose. Shit. They even put it in crisps. I am utterly pissed off with myself and Ten Acres. I have no idea how I missed that yesterday and have had a serious word with myself. I will carry on though.

As lunchtime comes up I find myself uninspired and craving both sandwiches and the stash of contraband cup a soups in my desk drawer. Blame the cold, wet weather.  If I wasn’t doing this challenge, I wouldn’t think twice about bulking up my lunch with something a little more comforting and without my desk snack drawer full of high fibre substitutions for kitkats and McCoys it would be a difficult day. This confirms again one of the oldest diet tips out there- be prepared and plan your eating. Yes, yes and read the labels too!


It is 2 o clock and I am pretty hungry and I hate the world because I have nothing to eat. OK I have some apples but I don’t want them because, irony of the day, I am sick of sweet stuff! I had a banana a while ago but it’s just made me hungrier and I am seriously considering the Ten Acre fall down. I’m working a late tonight, I don’t think I’m going to make it. So can I learn? What can I do differently tomorrow? Carry an extra salad? Keep a handy packet of butter in my drawer to nibble on? One should bat for the protein option but fridge space is not high here. Nuts then. Plain old nuts. Nuts which will defeat the theory of No Added Sugar leading to lower calorie options. Meh.


It is half past two and I totally ate the Ten Acre Crisps. Dextrose and all. I regret nothing.


I kind of regret everything. Home now, and home made vegetable chilli and jacket potato on the menu for dinner. I want hot sauce.

I have come in around me weight loss calorie goal of 1600 but quite over on carbs and sugar for the day- a whole 21g over the 45g target that I am going to throw away as bullshit in a later installment. Fat intake was ok but protein low. Maybe I do need to start carrying an emergency chicken breast around with me.


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