NAS Challenge Day 3

sad editors note- due to my lack of attention skills the crisps I raved about in this post turned out to be stealth sugar holders. See later updates on that 😦

Lovely Ten Acre crisps, saviour to my office bound mind afternoon munchies.

Urgh. Today. It was all going too easily!

The pain of today is lunch out with Bestie, which obviously isn’t a pain in itself but is becoming a bit of a drag in terms of what I’m going to be able to order with a clear conscience. Go to lunch here for me at this venue is a fishfinger sandwich. No way I can rely on industrial breadcrumbs and tartare sauce to be of the no added sugar variety. Ok so they make great chilli…….which will have tinned tomatoes in it…………….as I discovered last night tinned tomatoes are generally a no go……..nuts.  I thought I had it nailed by planning on an omelette and chips, hold the salad dressing and no ketchup. Fine. Only I just ate 2 eggs for my morning snack and another 3 for lunch is over doing the ovulations I think so that’s no good. On another day I would have ditched the eggs from my snacks and had a yoghurt break bar thing but obviously that’s out. Humph. Unless the menu has changed dramatically I’m thinking I will be limited to a baked potato with cheese (meh, no good without coleslaw which can’t be trusted on the dressing front) or a bacon sandwich as a reasonably safe bet but kind of boring. I don’t get the bacon joy of current food fads at all. Ok maybe their chicken salad, with no dressing or crutons. Is their chicken fresh or reconstituted? Don’t they use sugar to do that? A cheese panini, without the onion chutney. Do they put sugar in panini rolls? They shouldn’t but many do, that’s why I stick to M&S bread most of the time as they only use flour, salt and yeast and I’m happy with that but mass catering paninis? What’s in those? AAAAAAARGH. And what am I going to drink? I’m dosed for caffeine today and have ruled out diet drinks as against the rules. Usual lemonade is off. Ok fine lime and soda no wait, lime cordial is basically made of sugar. I’m going to be that bore in the pub having tap water? I may have to chuck back a couple of vodkas just to keep things festive.

I’m off to google the ingredients in a panini roll.


Cut to the early evening and the summary report.

Morning- usual shake but with skimmed milk, boiled eggs and celery sticks as a morning snack.

Lunch- chorizo and mozzarella panini (I think these are safe) with salad and chips and vinegar and no saucey condiments of any kind. I miss sauce. No vodka either so my esteemed colleagues were treated to my fizzy water burps for the remains of the day.

PM-Really hungry for much of the afternoon, took a vending machine gamble on a pack of ten acre crisps after an apple didn’t fill the hole and thankfully they were compliant but arguably not so diet friendly. But could have been much worse.

6pmish now and again I have the tiredness and squeezing headache and nausea as experienced last night. Currently inhaling some carrot sticks and waitrose hummus while Mr gets the dinner on. Said dinner will be chicken legs with Berebere seasoning and vegetables of some kind. I didn’t count today on my macros etc as eating out makes this too hard to guesstimate.

I feel like utter rot and don’t want to talk about it any more.


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