NAS Challenge Day 5

It’s a not-much-to-report-day today. General happiness of payday and important and absorbing business of talking sh*t with friends made the morning fly by without snack breakdowns and staying on the no added sugar waggon has been easy. I came in to work armed with all the right things today- big lunch salad and small bit of bread, tubs of nuts for snacking, big fat water bottle and nice coffee. I’ve only had that salad and probably couldn’t eat right now if you paid me. Beany bloat from yesterday perhaps?  However I’m almost half a kilo up since Sunday, which is not a thrill. I am currently debating where I stand on the whole alcohol argument as, well, Friday. Technically, the sugar in most wine came from a natural grape source so that doesn’t make it added. And as I said, Friday.

The weekend will be a real challenge for me. Weekends are treat times on the whole. We have eggs on toast, not espresso whey shakes. We have a sneaky curry or some scones or steak and chips and SAUCE GODSDAMMIT!!!!! I miss sauce still, but this may yet be helped by the Mr who has just informed me that there will be a beef stroganoff for tea which he will keep legal. That has sauce. I might not ask exactly how he intends to do this as he’s a pretty clean cook anyway. let’s say he wont let me down. Pending  Sunday dinner in law could be a problem but I will try to dodge those culinary bullets as they are dished up on to my plate. I’m going to try not to eat out. I’m going to have wine.

Happy bloody Friday.


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