The Vegan Diaries: Day Four- Veganitis.

Lethargic. Cranky. Light sensitive. Headache. Snotty. Lack of appetite. Sore throat. Having studied the symptoms carefully I can conclude that either: A: I have contracted some hideous, debilitating vegan borne disease that will doubtless destroy me before the week is out. B: I’m getting a cold. Option A might be more likely than you think, […]

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Spicy Hummus with Lime

Although this fits in with the currently running vegan theme, hummus is a staple favourite of mine and it appears on my table frequently. Packed full of goodness from the chickpeas (protein, fibre and a host of vitamins and minerals), hummus is easily personalised with any number of other ingredients but the below version is […]

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Countdown to The Vegan Diaries

Yup, as previously advertised, Boomboom Veeg Day falls tomorrow. I wont lie, a good part of me is wondering just what the hell I’m doing. But another part of me is ready for the challenge and interested as to exactly how difficult this is going to be. Like any intrepid experimenter, I’ve been doing my […]

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