The Vegan Diaries- Day Three and no clever tag line.

Last night’s bean feast.

Day three and all is well. Bought the sugars back into balance with some liberal addition of chickpeas and cut down on the fruit. Having said that I’m sitting here with a big old glass of apple juice. D’oh.

If there is a pain threshold associated with these things I must have passed it. I’m not craving steaks and eggs or milky tea or a big chunk of dairy milk but that’s not to say they wouldn’t be nice. Actually I’ve not been that hungry for anything at all. I’ve taken advantage of some time today to stock pile a little for the coming week by making a small vat of hummus and some scones. I know myself, and on a school day it’s convenience calories that could potentially be my downfall so having snackable stuff on hand will be a big help.

I don’t feel any different really although am noticeably thirstier than usual. I’ve also spent some time musing on various animal rights/health/evolutionary issues as to exactly why I’m doing what I’m doing or if indeed it is going to make any difference to any one or anything. Jury still out on that one.

Anyway it’s Sunday night and I’ve spent enough time infront of this screen today, I’m off for a cup of (black) tea and some Indiana Jones. More to come.


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