20 Questions with Bumbles!

I love a bit of 5-A-Day action from my local greengrocers Bumbles, and they are with us this week to answer the most burning questions that life/this blog has to offer. Are you ready? 1: Describe what you without being boring? We are purveyors of the finest fruit & vegetables aka Greengrocers 2: What’s great about […]

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Tabbouleh– a traditional Arabic salad based around bulgar wheat, tomatoes and parsley but you needn’t stop there. Onions, mint, cucumber, chilli, coriander- basically any fresh, flavoursome or crunchy raw ingredients. You can even swap the bulgar for couscous or rice but I don’t know why you would. For me, it’s the firm texture and nutty […]

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Veganstock! It’s like Woodstock only the people are selfrighteously clean about everything! I jest, I jest. To make your vegan stock you first need to catch 4 Vegans and hang them to cure in a cool dry place and oh alright fine I shall be serious. OK. Some time in the new year I was […]

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The Chocolate Chore result- Rosemary Infused Orange & Almond Salad with Cocoa-Balsamic dressing

I’m actually rather proud of this one, because in this day and age it’s not that easy to come up with something original in the food stakes. A quick google tends to prove that someone else has already done it. They say there are only seven possible stories in the world of fiction, it may […]

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Very Green Soup

Well the festive season officially ended yesterday and I don’t know about you, but I could use some dietary fibre. I would like to blame my sluggish bulginess on no less than three Christmas dinners, one boxing day buffet, one boxing night cheeseboard and a new years day roast but in truth, I think it’s […]

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The Vegan Diaries- a post script

<—–I ate this last night, and it was bloody marvellous. I don’t regret a single mouthful- I’ve been the to the gym four times this week and celebrated a relationship milestone so yeah, guilt free treats all round. But now I’m facing the start of another week and as I sit here in front of […]

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