The Vegan Diaries- Day Two. Feeling Hot, Hot, not.

Hot green chillies, fresh from my favourite moody green grocer.

Day two, six of the clock and all is vegan.
I was supposed to be off doing fun but time consuming things today which unfortunately got called off at the last minute. Unfortunate because of the fun and also because of the gaping hole of an empty Saturday left behind. After a surprisingly satisfactory breakfast experiment I intended to pop out for some supplies and spend the day working up some vegan treats in the kitchen. Simples.
Ugh. A long walk around town with the lovely Nicola plus small person wiped me out. No, really, two hours on my feet and I was done in. Lunch perked me up but my afternoon work out was worthless so much was the effort of just moving that sweating didn’t come into it. I’ve drunk roughly four pints of water today already, not counting coffees, and I’m still thirsty. So what is my point here? Carb overload, that’s my point. Some handy nutrition calculators would show that I’m running on way too much sugar, and I feel crap this evening and look alarmingly pale. My own fault- I know I don’t do well on too much sugar be it complex or not. Time to find some quality protein here kids so it’s chilli night. Lots of beans and a bit of spice to fuel a night of researching some quick but high protein vegan stuff that doesn’t involve soya or tofu. Don’t get me started on soya, I’m not eating it.
Key learning principle today: Vegan diet doesn’t immediately equal healthy diet. For a better explanation of this click here.


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