The Vegan Diaries. Day Five- The Veganator

All fruit and no flesh makes Boomboom a sleepy grump.

If Vegan was an actual person, rather than a whole lifestyle thing, and that actual person walked into my living room right now, I think I would punch Vegan in the face.
If I had the strength to lift my arms that is. And then Vegan would no doubt kick my arse into next friday then go off in search of Sarah Connor as Vegan is clearly bigger and stronger than me, and I don’t think that I can beat it.
The general fatigue and fluey feeling was gone this morning but after a gym session this morning I have been ravenous all day. I’ve felt thirsty again all day putting away bottle after bottle of water and having that no fun fuzzy headache since about ten am. I’m again prone to blame this on sugar crashes and peaks despite my best efforts to up the protein and even the fat content of the day as I’ve either felt oddly bloated or suddenly starved. It’s the first day I can say I’ve had honest to goodness cravings too- mostly for creamy stuff which is most unlike me. I spent a good seven minutes at work this afternoon visualising a nice cup of tea with some semi skimmed and the inevitable biscuit. Still not missing meat that much though.

After completing my usual walk home from work today I was so exhausted and starving that I ate peanut butter with a spoon from the jar whilst waiting for the bath to fill up. Talk about shame spiral. Actually, I don’t want to talk about it any more.

I’m knackered and although I’m blaming the diet at the moment I will see it through to the end of the week. I hope to have better things to say tomorrow.

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