The Hydration Challenge- Day 2

Day Two


Standard work day.

Predicted high temperature: 30 degrees

0950- I’ve been out of bed for 4 hours and not drunk any water. This cannot be good. On my second coffee though :-/ I vaguely recall interviewing someone once who went on about their addiction to routine and his insistence on drinking a full pint of water as soon as he woke up. I didn’t hire him. Dude was a bit weird.

1210- first 600ml bottle gone. That was hard work. I’m peeing too much.

1605: 1550ml down. I have left my desk to pee 8 times today but avoided my usual afternoon crisps craving. Coincidence?!?!

At some point in the two hour traffic jam between work and home: finished third bottle of water. Desperately want gin. Will settle for chips.

Total: By bedtime 2500ml, at least half of which was sweat out in my un airconditioned car.

General healthy feelingness: Debatable due to mass swelling of basically my entire body due to some current medication. Increased water intake does not appear to be helping this as was previously suggested.

Concentration: better than yesterday, but that’s not saying much. I also had an extra half hour in bed this morning, which can only have helped matters.

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