The Hydration Challenge- Day 5

Day Five Day off for medical nonesense and outlaw visits Predicted High Temp: 33 degrees 0930: I am in the hottest waiting room in Christendom. Good tactic to ease strain on the NHS by killing off some vulnerables with heat stroke. Luckily I came armed with fluids. 500ml in. 1745: It’s been a hot one, […]

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The Hydration Challenge- Day 3

Day Three Standard working Wednesday. Predicted High Temperature: 31 degrees horrible sweaty celcius 0625: Woke up incredibly thirsty, it was a hot night, 250ml on the ticker before breakfast. 0800: More water cooler hilarity from colleagues at how posh I am for having a slice of lemon in my water. I am truly part of […]

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The Hydration Challenge- Day 2

Day Two Standard work day. Predicted high temperature: 30 degrees 0950- I’ve been out of bed for 4 hours and not drunk any water. This cannot be good. On my second coffee though I vaguely recall interviewing someone once who went on about their addiction to routine and his insistence on drinking a full pint of […]

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