The Hydration Challenge- Day 3

Day Three


Standard working Wednesday.

Predicted High Temperature: 31 degrees horrible sweaty celcius

0625: Woke up incredibly thirsty, it was a hot night, 250ml on the ticker before breakfast.

0800: More water cooler hilarity from colleagues at how posh I am for having a slice of lemon in my water. I am truly part of the citrus elite.

1610: So much for the good start, barely into second bottle and feeling little inclination to improve.

2000: struggling to finish, going to crash out with some Netflix and try to finish off another glass of the wet stuff but it’s not looking good. If it was wine, I would smash it.

Total for the day: 1750 failing mls. Loads of salad and melon though. Yes, I know I said that didn’t count.

General Healthy Feelingness: I’ve lost almost a kilo since Monday, without any real effort and after eating waaaay too much bread for dinner last night. Bonus.

Concentration: Great in the morning, it all went to hell when we hit 26 degrees.

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