The Hydration Challenge- Day 1

Day One

Water, water, everywhere

Normal work day, up at 0545, thrilled beyond measure to be back to the day job after a week long holiday.

Predicted temperature: 31 degrees.

0750: Remembered my bottle, enjoyed bemused comments from co workers as to why I have ‘a salad’ in my drink. One slice of a lemon and one mint leaf, just for clarity. I tell them it’s for the gin that’s going in there after 11am. Hilarious.

0930: I’ve had one coffee and less than 200ml from my trusty water bottle since getting to work.  That is not very much water.

1040: Coffee no 2, still not had much water and it’s 28 bastard degrees outside already, which means about 24 in the office. Forced myself to dust off first bottle, that’s 600ml in.

1425: That’s bottle no 2 gone, 1200ml towards the end goal without too much trauma. It’s 32 in the shade, which is also helping.

1640: third bottle gone, 1800ml done. Is this going to be too easy? I have peed quite a lot.

Total for the day: guesstimating another couple of glasses this evening I’m saying 2250ml. Boom.

General Healthy Feelingness: Meeeh it’s Monday, who feels good on a Monday? No one feels good on a sweaty back to work Monday.

Concentration: Average to poor, given a cruddy night sleep punctuated with disturbing dreams about taking Chris Hemsworth out drinking in the hope that he might introduce me to Tom Hiddlestone. It didn’t work. Stupid brain.

More tomorrow.

Day Two —->


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