20 Questions with Gourmet Anglia!

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Today on 20 Questions we have Tracey from Gourmet Anglia– purveyor of truly gorgeous small batch kitchen and homewares. I think I could only like this webshop more if it offered a one hour gin-to-desk delivery service, but there is always time to expand.
We are also doing a little giveaway inspired by her love of Italian food, so look out for details of that below.

And the questions commence:

1: Describe what you do without being boring?
Picker, packer, parcel dispatcher at Gourmet Anglia www.gourmetanglia.co.uk

2: What’s great about what you do?
Sourcing utterly gorgeous products is pretty fabulous and, as an online biz, it’s great to connect with amazing, like-minded individuals on social media.

3: What sucks about what you do?
The boxes, THE BOXES! We have a mountainous store of packaging.

4: Do you eat breakfast?
Does a handful of dried fruit and nuts count?
Ed- yes!

5: Where/who is your favourite local food/drink business (other than your own)?
Tough question as there are so many passionate and hardworking local businesses producing a vast array of quality products. As a homage to FoodieBoomBoom homeland let’s throw in Coles Puddings, Kelly Bronze Turkeys, Maldon Salt, New Hall Vineyard wines and Wilkins & Sons but that really is a tiny drop in the teacup.
Ed- All great examples, I’m prompted to give a quick wino shout out to the Bacchus from New Hall vineyards- it is superb. 

Shy Owl Pot Holder from Gourmet Anglia with two Local Lovelies (2)[1112]
Tracey loves a bit of local heroes Wilkin & Sons jams, shown here with the Shy Owl pot holder available on http://www.gourmetanglia.co.uk
6: Which celeb chef would you want into your gang in the event of a zombie apocalypse and why?
Nigella (whom I have met) would surely stop any zombie dead in their tracks with her mesmerizing loveliness.

7: What’s your go to comfort food?
Something cheesy or eggy, Croque Monsieur, Welsh Rarebit, Eggs Benedict or Florentine.

8: Who taught you how to cook?
Delia Smith, Raymond Blanc, Nigel Slater …. c/o their books of course!

9: What’s the weirdest thing you have ever put in your mouth? Keep it clean!
A wasp!!! It landed, unseen, on a boiled sweet a split second before I popped it in my mouth, ouch! I was about 12 at the time!

10: What one food would you erase from all existence?
Mean, tart little blackcurrants … or ‘fruits of the devil’ as I prefer to call them.

11: What’s on your kitchen playlist?
Anything chilled and mellow.

12: If you could eat out anywhere tonight where would you go and who would you dine with?
Le Cinq, Paris … want to tag along Jenna? Closer to home, Le Talbooth, Mistley Thorn or The Company Shed for some succulent Mersea oysters.
Ed- Le Cinq looks great I’ll get my coat!

parmesan crust salmon (1024x761)[1111]
That’s a good looking bit of salmon!!!
13: Do you have a signature dish?
I love to cook simple dishes using terrific quality ingredients, an example would be Salmon with a Parmesan & Herb Crust.


14: Confess your biggest food sin………..
Heinz Tomato Soup (… is that a sin?), also cold leftover sausages are not safe.


15: If you had to restrict yourself to the cuisine of one country which would it be and why?
Italian …  pasta, pizza, parmigiano reggiano, prosciutto, panna cotta, prosecco.
Ed- Thanks to Gourmet Anglia we are frankly thrilled to be giving away not one but two gorgeous Italian cookery books! Details at the end of this post. 

16: Cake or biscuits?
Cake. Carrot can be good, or something chocolatey. I also love pears in cakes, or a Pear Frangipane Tart or a pear or quince flavoured vodka but I digress …..

17: Tea or coffee?
Both. Morning coffee. Afternoon darjeeling.

18: Chunky chips or curly fries?
Chunky thrice cooked, or oven baked with a generous sprinkling of olive oil and Maldon Salt.

19: Wine or beer?
A large glass of an oaky smoky full-bodied red for me please.

20: Does pineapple belong on a pizza?
Not a fan but fine if you want it … tho’ ‘fusion’ toppings do make me slightly twitchy. Chicken tikka, Cajun prawns, Black beans & banana … just isn’t right is it?

Catch up with GA’s musing and meanderings on
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Last time: Boneman’s BBQ

Next week, our buddies at Bumbles!

Now, as promised here is your chance to win your very own copies of Rome, by Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi AND Anna Del Conte on Pasta in association with the lovely bods at Gourmet Anglia with a combined RRP of over £40.


To enter head over to our twitter page @foodieboomboom  and see our pinned tweet or if you don’t tweet simply comment below this post with I Want To Win! For a bonus entry sign up for email updates! 

Terms and conditions:
Entrants to be UK resident and over the age of 18

Winner to supply UK postal address for prize delivery
Giveaway is not associated with, sponsored or moderated by Twitter
Entries close at midnight on Friday 6th October 2017 winner will be contacted directly and announced on Twitter feed. 




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