20 Questions with Chef Tom!

Tasty offerings by our guest interviewee for this week

This week we share our deep and meaningful quick fire questions with Tom Russell, who runs kitchens from afar as well as getting knee deep in the action and is partially to blame for my many boring tweets and Instas about my favourite home town pub in Brightlingsea.

1: Describe what you do without being boring?
I get to manage the most upcoming Seafood Restaurant in Essex, designing new and vibrant dishes using the great fruits of the sea.  I also macro-manage 4 other venues across the country.

2: What’s great about what you do?
My guests. Myself and my team strive to create the best experience possible. There is no better feeling than having happy guests.

3: What sucks about what you do?
The hours and the bills!!

4: Do you eat breakfast?
Most days I try and eat something.  A lot of the time it’s the only meal I get in my working day.

5: Where/who is your favourite local food/drink business (other than your own)?
Now that is a tough one, there are several but if I had to choose just one, then I would choose Bosco Lounge in Woodley, Reading.
Ed- good looking vegan options here for those who care about such things. 

6: Which celeb chef would you want in your gang in the event of a zombie apocalypse and why?
That’s an easy one.  I would have to say Gordon Ramsay.  Doesn’t mince his words and is a vicious git.
Ed- Vicious Git indeed and as such wouldn’t think twice about leaving you behind as Zombie fodder, best stay on his good side……

7: What’s your go to comfort food?
Pot noodle!

8: Who taught you how to cook?
I have had a couple of great mentors over the years, but Darren Foster (my old head Chef) is at the top of the list

9: What’s the weirdest thing you have ever put in your mouth? Keep it clean!
You’re asking a Chef to give you a clean answer??   TRIPE!

10: What one food would you erase from all existence?
Tripe! Disgusting stuff.

11: What’s on your kitchen playlist?
I currently have a mix of Richard Clayderman, Boyce Avenue, Motorhead and of course Buddy Holly.

12: If you could eat out anywhere tonight where would you go and who would you dine with?
Rocksalt in Folkestone. Best Seafood Restaurant in the country (in my opinion) and Mark Sergeant is one of the Chefs I aspire to be as great as.

13: Do you have a signature dish?
Yes.  Seared Scallops, Spiced braised Rice, Red Amarynth, Micro Coriander, Truffle Oil.
Ed- Gah! Amarynth, my old nemesis!

14: Confess your biggest food sin………..
Soaking a nice slice of bread in my Gravy at the end of my Sunday Roast. Yummmm!!

15: If you had to restrict yourself to the cuisine of one country which would it be and why?
British. It’s a classic staple of my cooking style.  Simplicity at its finest

16: Cake or biscuits?
Biscuits. Chocolate Hob Nobs.

17: Tea or coffee?

18: Chunky chips or curly fries?
Chunky Chips

19: Wine or beer?
Neither. Tee-Total.

20: Does pineapple belong on a pizza?
Whatever floats your boat.

The cosy conservatory at The Rosebud, where you might find Tom taking a dirty Pot Noodle break between services.

Thank you Tom! You can check out The Rosebud here http://www.rosebudpub.co.uk/ (save me a seat when you book) or tweet to @chefgrouch as you wish.

Next time we get out of the kitchen and into the scary mind of a retail foodie. 

Last time, home cook and social media star Samia


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