Grow Your Own: The Bare Earth Times


So we find ourselves in chilly March, prime sowing season and maddeningly result free period. This is a time of lingering frosts, extensive reading and furious glares at the lack of fresh green shoots poking up through the crumbly, painstakingly turned earth. Patience is not a virtue I was blessed with, therefore in lieu of any visible results I am forced in this update to speak of things still beneath the soil.

Onions.  According to many a vegetable gardener, you can’t kill an onion, which made it the first plant out 2 weekends ago when the frost possibility still lingered. Red Karmen variety planted from bulb in ground and in pot.

Lettuce. Out last week in thin numbers as this is something you can keep planting through the year. First lot potentially dead from surprise extra hard frost. Red and Green Salad Bowl variety planted from seed in ground and pot.

Rosemary: ah noble sturdy herb. I hope to nurture enough of this to rip out and replace all the bloody lavender left in the garden by our predecessors. Ok most of the lavender, I might keep one. Planted from seed in nursery pots currently inside.

Hazelnuts. Three established trees still covered in their winter catkins.

Fig Tree. Established tree showing small, hard green fruit buds.

WTF Trees. Still bare, still no idea what they are but doing a grand job of hosting the bird feeders on which we have so far seen wood pigeons and one particularly fat Starling.

The first fruit of our labour!

Chilli Plant. Happy on the windowsill shaming all others and putting forwards his first tiny hard green fruit of the year. But then again he is 2 years old now. Go chillis!

So yeah, exciting times, Bumbles Grocers needn’t worry about losing my business just yet. Stay tuned if you can stand the tension for finger carrots and the January King Cabbage (best name ever)  to go out next month.


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