New Year, New You?

Yeah, Christmas is done. The turkey is finished, the two remaining bits of flapjack are going stale and the unlucky among us are back at work for the hellishly slow Christmas-New Year interim period of playing solitaire and tidying the stationery cupboard all day.

Time then to reflect, to review and in extreme cases even repent until we can get to the concluding spate of unrealistic but oh so exemplary new years resolutions. Hurrah for that. I have a couple lined up, and they are probably a bit too personal and convoluted to share in these pages, but there is one that just about stretches to be at least semi relevant. New things. Must try new things. Do new things. Eat new stuff. Maybe break some of my big foodie rules, like never mixing fish and cheese or consuming anything that ever came within three feet of a coconut. Ok so having a tuna melt for lunch isn’t going to change the world too much for me but like most new years resolutions, it’s about improving attitude. I need to move away from the tried and tested back to a world where things might fail and more importantly, a word that doesn’t end when things go a bit wrong. I even had a little trial earlier on when I forgot to go to Sainsbury’s and had to stop in the Polish Supermarket on the way home for a couple of essentials. The Utterly Butterly type low fat spreads were a small fortune in this fine establishment, so I instead put fewer of my hard earned pennies into a non descript Euro-marg. Interesting. Potentially disastrous.

Some kind of non domestic vegetable fat based spread. Mmmmm.
Some kind of non domestic vegetable fat based spread. Mmmmm.

It was OK, bit heavy but passable in tight spot. I’m still not sure about a tuna melt yet though.

So there is it, the challenge for 2013 is new stuff. Interesting stuff. Stuff that has not been before, at least not for me. Only forget what I said about the coconut. Never going to happen.


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