The X(mas) Files- Really Easy Rocky Road

rr headerThere are many things that mark Christmas, and many points of argument about what is essential and merely nice to have. Turkey, mince pies, even a Christmas pudding can all come under dispute but I’m prepared to bet all the money in my pockets (about 97p FYI) that no one would argue that Christmas just isn’t Christmas without chocolate. Preferably far too much chocolate and the younger you are, the earlier in the morning you can get away with it. I always had a bag of chocolate coins in the toe of my stocking along with the mystery clementine that Santa seemed to have stolen from our living room fruit bowl. You have chocolate in your advent calendar, tree chocolates, big tins of Roses and Quality Street and of course the great gift for anyone (without a tree nut allergy) Toblerone! I remember the younger male sibling being oddly sluggish one Christmas morning when he was six or seven only for my Dad to discover about twenty celebrations wrappers in the wee man’s bed. I’ve mentioned before that foodie runs in the family I think.

So as my final edible gift for this year, I rustled up a fits-all-ages chocolate treat to take along this afternoon to kick of the festive tummy aches. Rich, decadent chocolate base with crunch and squidge all mixed in. Stupidly easy to make, even easier to eat, and you’ve still got time to rustle one up before the big day! So happy chocmas to all of my readers, I hope you get everything you asked for and if only for a few days, a little bit fatter too.

Really Easy Rocky Road


125g unsalted butter
300g good dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa solids)
3 tbspns golden syrup
1tsp vanilla essence
1 bag of maltesers
150g marshmallows

Start off lining a 7 inch tin with baking paper then put in your maltesers and marshmallows- if you’re using mini marshmallows keep them whole but if you’re using the larger ones snip into small pieces with some clean kitchen scissors.
Put the butter, chocolate, syrup and vanilla into a heavy bottomed pan and heat gently until all the chocolate and butter are completely melted and mixed. Leave to cool for a couple of minutes then pour this into your tin, giving it a good shake to distribute the filling bits evenly. Transfer to the fridge to set for a good four hours, ideally over night, then slice in to bars and serve.

Merry Christmas!

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