Here’s to a Flexi Twenty

I’m too old for new years resolutions, what a load of guff. I’m not, however, falsely confident enough to say I’m 100% happy remaining forever the exact same lump of middling to average human being that will shuffle off to bed some time in the first hours of the new year. I need to up […]

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Are you going to eat……….Healthily??????

Yes it’s January and tradition, well wishers, do-gooders and your general Media Services are encouraging change. Not everyone loves change, particularly the kind of change that is an effort and quite possibly involves removing something from your life that you enjoy. Time now then for vomitous juice cleanses, binge exercise injuries and the suicidalĀ tendenciesĀ of trying […]

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New Year, New You?

Yeah, Christmas is done. The turkey is finished, the two remaining bits of flapjack are going stale and the unlucky among us are back at work for the hellishly slow Christmas-New Year interim period of playing solitaire and tidying the stationery cupboard all day. Time then to reflect, to review and in extreme cases even […]

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