The Perfect Fishfinger Sandwich Hunt- Trotters

Gordon Ramsay, God love him, is known to interview potential employees on the strength of their scrambled eggs. You don’t count as a cook if you can’t make decent scrambled egg.

I employ an equally fierce vetting system on casual eateries and the quality of their fishfinger sandwich, and today begins the documentation on such judgements.  And before you ask why I don’t just shut up and make my own perfect buttie, the whole point is that it’s a little pub lunch treat, not a dinner I want to make for myself.

The Venue: Trotters of Colchester, wine bar and favoured stop for a work day lunch out.  Good basic pub menu with reasonable wine and beer selections. Extortionately priced soft drinks.

The Sandwich:

A fine first sample, served on toasted granary bread with skinny fries and green garnish.

On the table 15 minutes after order with a good sized portion of skinny chips and a suggestion of mixed leaves, this was a fair effort indeed. Granary bread option wins points, however this was toasted which I would not have opted for if I knew it was the option. It was suitably crammed with standard style frozen fishfingers, cooked perfectly, with more green bits and mayo which gave a slightly soggy suggestion to the inner bread surface. Points lost here.  Another minus goes to lack of availability of tartare sauce, a cardinal sin for any eatery selling breaded fish options. They do do damn fine chips though, although Agent F wasn’t mega pleased with hers but I’m over ruling her on this point.

The Verdict: It was a more than acceptable lunch for a fiver.  Good service, comfy pub, just about good sandwich, but it might have fallen down if there wasn’t such fabulous gossip to be had at the same time. No, I’m not telling you what we talked about.

The Score: 7 and a half.

For more thoughts on this terribly important subject, see previous post


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