The Hydration Challenge- Day 5

Day Five


Day off for medical nonesense and outlaw visits

Predicted High Temp: 33 degrees

0930: I am in the hottest waiting room in Christendom. Good tactic to ease strain on the NHS by killing off some vulnerables with heat stroke. Luckily I came armed with fluids. 500ml in.

1745: It’s been a hot one, like seven inches from the midday sun if you will, and I hit my 1800ml target in the garden about an hour ago. I possibly didn’t pick the best time for this experiment, as to be honest it is more necessity than challenge to keep drinking in weather like this, especially as a pale and delicate Brit who is not used to such climates. Perhaps the challenge will be to keep it up? However I have to say I have drunk more than I usually would just to dust off bottles that I might otherwise have tipped into a house plant or down the sink just to get my numbers up.  There’s nothing like an arbitrary numeric goal to motivate, I find.

Total: stopped counting at 2.5l

General Healthy Feelingness- I had to cease some medication today and I have to say I actually feel a lot clearer in the head than I have for a while. Clear in the head for the pain in my back that the pills were treating so that’s more a neutral than a plus, strictly speaking. My skin seems to be positively dewy though, and this is not due to my usual old skincare routine and going on fourteen nights of bad and frequently interrupted sleep.

Concentration: I got so into Harry Hole book no 5 today that my shins are rather sunburnt. Otherwise I’ve not had to focus on too much.

<—- Day Four


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