20 Questions With Boneman’s BBQ!

Today The Boneman himself is suffering our 20 Questions- Steve is another Colchester based food bod who you will usually find smoking, prepping and yumming all the proteins. Or chowing down on creamy Asian poo fruit. Those 4 words are going to bring me some highly misdirected Googlers. Let’s go! 1: Describe what you do […]

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BBQ Bananas

As the late May Bank Holiday draws to a close I’m sitting back to enjoy the plethora of expected instagram shots of late night pub selfies, painful sunburn shots and of course BBQ updates. BBQ season is officially open and personally I’m thrilled to see so many people throwing themselves into the annual outdoor cooking […]

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Vampire Wings

I read a weird statistic the other day that more chicken wings are eaten on Superbowl Sunday than there are grains of salt in a really big bag of doritos, or something. Somewhere in the billions anyway. That’s a lot of chicken wings, football fans. I am not a football fan, but I could eat […]

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Three Wise Monkeys

ed 30.05.16 more recent review here pls see if planning to eat here ed 30.03.16- note originally written prior to ground-floor expansion, very different feel now If you’re local to Colchester and you’ve not been to Three Wise Monkeys yet you are probably really sick of everyone going on about how you should go there. […]

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Meatopia: Periodic gathering of carnivorous foodies and trendies to have a massive BBQ manned by the current favourite chefs on the scene. Born in concept across the pond, Meatopia made it’s UK début at Tobacco Dock in Wapping last year to the simple promise of high quality, ethically sourced meat cooked on an open flame. […]

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The Ultimate BBQ Prawns

It’s great to be a girl during BBQ season. Call it sexist but it’s unarguable- Man Make Fire. Man push around lumps of meat over fire. Woman cut up salads then sit in the sun with gin. And on this occasion I didn’t even get salad duty, for the win as the cool kids say. Although I […]

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Are you going to eat………..Kangaroo?

Are you going to eat that? Or more specifically from this handily borrowed wikipedia image, are you going to eat her? If you hadn’t already gathered, today we’re talking about Kangaroo meat. Indigenous Australians (we’re not to use the ‘A’ word any more) have unsurprisingly been chowing down on Skippy’s family for a very long time, but […]

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