NAS Challenge Day 3

sad editors note- due to my lack of attention skills the crisps I raved about in this post turned out to be stealth sugar holders. See later updates on that 😦 Urgh. Today. It was all going too easily! The pain of today is lunch out with Bestie, which obviously isn’t a pain in itself […]

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Are You Going To Eat…..Clean?

One thing I have learned from joining various diet forums and net based support groups is that people behind a keyboard become great, brave, judgey bullies about diet and weightloss theory when they get to comment from a safe and virtual place. Log on to any diet app with a chat function and you will […]

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NAS Challenge- Day 2

Once again I am going to ask if you are reading this and you are diabetic that you please ignore anything I say and speak to your doctor about your sugar intake and no one else. No one! Ah, the sugar. Yesterday I noted a 45g allowance of sugar on the macros calculator I use […]

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NAS Challenge- Day 1

OK here we are at the end of the first day of my no added sugar challenge and I have to say it wasn’t that challenging in the grand scheme of things. Yeah, I know I go on about cakes and sauces and chocolate and chicken wings all the time but Monday to Friday I […]

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The Skinny Thing: NAS Challenge

So, in brief, I’m going into this week with the challenge ahead to avoid all added sugar in my eatings.  Why? Well, the summer is dwindling, the salads and ice water appeal is dropping with the temperature and with longer nights and festive parties on the horizon it is the time of year when my […]

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Are You Going To Eat…..Carbs?

First off, if you are diabetic or think you are, then please don’t take any of this on board, you don’t do carbs like other people do. See a doctor, don’t listen to me. Second first off, let’s actually define a ‘Carb’ because the diet and health conscious world we now live in is carbs […]

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Slow Carb Curry

I’ve found myself sofa bound the last few days due to being unfit in ways I couldn’t imagine and subsequently presenting myself with a grade II gastrocnemius tear. I say gastrocnemius rather than ‘calf’ not just because I’m a tosser, but also as it sounds mildly foodie. In my state of reclined recuperation I’ve learned […]

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Chickpea Salad

Invented on the hop for an impromptu BBQ with cupboard basics and the dregs of the fridge contents the day before Morrissons Day! I enjoy chickpeas for diet friendly bulk, they are filling with reasonable protein and fibre content. They are also a nice summer feed for the non carnivores and just that bit tastier […]

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