Happy Thoughts From Isolation

Beating the covid stress with an isolation cocktail. Posh glasses are essential.

Life is weird at the moment, which I’m guessing as a human being you may have already worked out. Leaving the house is stressful. Working from the house is mind bendingly frustrating. I am eating and drinking entirely too much. I am also, oddly, able to direct myself to the silver linings of this disgusting lockdown cloud quite easily. In the spirit of sharing, here’s some reasons to be cheerful.

My Babies.
Yes, being at home with my workstation at the dining table gives me good access to all the plant happenings in the conservatory, where I have a fab array of herbs and some strong courgette game. Tomato and strawberry seedling emergence is imminent, which is massively exciting and because I’m home all day there are no casualties due to the trays drying out when it is really sunny. I am also starting to enjoy the comings and goings of our resident garden pigeons who like to unsuccessfully attack the gooseberry bushes for nesting material, whilst the smug blackbirds simply help themselves from the convenient pile of cuttings right next to the gooseberry bushes. Pigeons really are stupid, how are there so many of them????

micro coriander in my conservatory, it’s a great time to grow some seeds on your windowsill and micro herbs pack loads of flavour as well as being pretty for garnishes.


The Glassware
Who else seems to be finding a lot of free cocktail time these days? Yup. And time to serve them with some flare. Cocktails make good talking points and pretty things make the world a better place regardless of what is in them. I’m not a big spender on house stuff but will never regret a splurge on some stemless wine glasses from Anthropologie as per the earlier pic, they make that 11am double vodka just ooze with class. And my gorgeously gothic collection of vintage/hand me down solid purple Ralph Lauren glasses are ideal for all these video meetings. Is she on the orange juice or is she chugging gazpacho through the Tuesday PPE briefing? No one knows, it’s a hoot!

I mentioned that I’m drinking too much on house arrest already, right?!?!?

Social Media.
Yeah, the demon screens have proven life-saving to keep up with all the loved and squishy ones in isolation around the world. It’s funny how much random and uplifting crap you can find to share via app when every time you actually speak on the phone material tends to run dry after yeah not much going on to be honest……
It’s also good to keep up with some foodie inspo on Instagram, which has confirmed that I’m not the only one over indulging on the baked goods during this boring trying time. Find me @jsboomboom if you want gratuitous cake shots and the odd cocktail moment, I’ll be following back anyone who connects because of this post 🙂

Nothing Is Special Anymore.

The doomsday collection of special reds is coming out of the cupboard.

You see, we’re only supposed to shop for essentials. No unnecessary deliveries, no browsing, just in and out. Due to not wandering about and taking up viral transmission space in the wine aisle I am forced to resort to the dark end of the living room where my Special Stash lives. Desperate times mean that we should treat ourselves, and that De Fleurie is going to have to see the light of day this Easter. The posh chocolate stockpile has been spanked already and all the weird exotic spices I couldn’t be arsed to research are now finding their way into enchanting Wednesday night dinners. Swish bathbombs saved since Christmas won’t see out the week and a bridesmaids dress is acceptable apparel for working from home, especially if one has some Skype meetings scheduled. Treat yourself. There’s nothing else to do.

img_6859Believe it or not, I like to write, and not just the gluttonous drivel you might find on this blog. Having excess home time has opened up plenty of opportunity to plug away un-distracted at That Novel and also revisit some classics. I’m currently re-reading Dracula, which is a very different experience to my first go when I was 17ish. Horror is wasted on young people. My very own old Gaffer is similarly enjoying his 938th venture through Lord of The Rings and sending well received updates on his progress. If there’s nothing going on from day to day to talk about, we always have Tom Bombadil.
Day time in the house also gives me the opportunity to indulge in those streaming guilty pleasures that the Mr has no interest in watching, like anything to do with Adam Driver or sweary pirate programs. All the genres are available and ready to go and frankly more believable than the news most days.


New Stuff!
Yeah you heard me, I said new stuff! New stuff like gram flour and flax eggs because all the standard baking items have been stockpiled by the same A Holes that buy all the fresh bread every morning while some of us are working. Regional shortages have also directed me to the joys of matcha tea bags, seaweeds, all kinds of fun stuff to do with lentils and a torrid love affair with various non-chicken nugget dinners.
The world is also awash with new foodie ventures to keep small businesses going and big tummies filled. I’m a bit in love with a pop up Italian deli that has appeared in the next village from me, stocking masses of fantabulous cheeses and salamis and the most wonderful olive selection. As they are literally roadside on my route to the once-a-week office visits I’m not breaking the rules when I stop in to support them and they ALWAYS have eggs. Hooray!

It’s not all bad, folks, and even if you’re all alone you are most assuredly not alone. Wave out the window at your po faced neighbour with the yappy dog. Make a massive sandwich for no real reason. Bellow out a song for the bin men. Don’t be afraid to be sad or scared, it’s a messed up time, and over indulge in every happiness you can.

Happy Easter to you, or if you don’t believe in such things just well done for getting through today, you are winning at everything.

This too shall pass.


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