The Skinny Thing- Banana Pancakes

Banana protein pancakes

I’m out for a treat lunch with some ladies today so a light breakfast option was in order. I always feel like a bit of a effort on breakfast at the weekend, as quite simply I have time to do something more than throw some PB on a bit of toast whilst simultaneously drying my hair and looking for my car keys.

So I thought I’d try these much touted, diet friendly banana pancakes because A- I have some bananas in the house and I can only eat them cooked these days (don’t ask). B- they are pretty low calorie and very low points on your Slimming World or Weight Watchers plan of choice. C- I have a shit ton of protein powder that needs using and I can’t stand drinking it. D- I hate myself a moderate amount for over indulging this week and this seemed likely to be a suitable punishment and reminder that all those 3pm kitkats are not worth having to eat fried egg and fruit on a Saturday.

I did not expect to enjoy these even a little bit.

Well, they aren’t the worst thing I’ve ever put in my mouth. Infact they were infinitely tolerable when one considers the mere 300 calories per serving and they didn’t take that much faff. I have to say though without the touches of the flavoured protein powder and my modest fruit n nut toppings, I think they would have just tasted like hot eggy banana which I’m pretty sure no one needs in their life.

Let me know if you try them out, or if you know how to make them better (unless this involves ice cream, because I’m already considering that).

Boomboom Banana Pancakes

Per person:
1 medium ripe banana
1 large free range egg
1 tablespoon protein powder- I use My Protein Vegan Blend Banana Cinnamon
Pinch of sea salt
A few sultanas
6 Almonds
Dark agave nectar.

roughly 300 cals, 18g protein, 43g carbs (5g fibre, 20g sugar), 9g fat

Slice then mash your banana into a fine goo then beat in the egg and the salt. Add the protein powder by sieving it through a tea strainer if you can to avoid lumps. Beat it all together thoroughly- I promise you it is worth an extra minute to seek out and destroy the lumpy bits.

Heat a non-stick pan and add large tablespoons of the mix- this quantity should make 4 decent sized american-style pancakes. Cook for a minute until you can see the edges start to cook and they are solid enough to flip over.

Serve hot with the nuts, sultanas and a drizzle of dark agave nectar, and if you are on the skinny wagon REALLY watch how much of these you add as a casual over topping could put the calorie count up by half, or more.

Lastly, feel smug and saintly and less guilty later on when you demolish a baba ganoush flatbread plate

Have a great weekend.

Variations- a chocolate or peanut butter protein powder would probably work very well here or you could just use a tablespoon of flour for the same texture but a different taste finish. They really would make a good dessert with a decent vanilla icecream too!


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