Cheat’s Cheesecake

Saturday night dessert action, best served with a juicy red and some Brookyln 99

Back in the days when we still cared what we thought about eachother, the Mr and I used to frequently take a Saturday Cookbook challenge and spend a bit of time mulling through my millions of cookbooks to pick a mildly tricky recipe to prepare for eachother for dinner. Awww.

It’s been seven years. We don’t really do that anymore.

This weekend though I found myself inspired by St Gizzi of Erskine with a chorizo meatball thing and decided that we would once more Make The Effort and do A Nice Dinner for which he would be in charge of dessert.

The morning went on, he read no books and he bought no extra ingredients at our German discount supermarket of choice when we went shopping. I wasn’t mad. I really wasn’t, because I made a storming dinner for myself as well as him, and we have a mortgage now which is too much hassle to get out of over a skipped apple tart and ice cream.
This doesn’t mean I missed the chance to smugly point out, after my bonza pasta efforts, that he hadn’t bothered to make any dessert and therefore I was winning at our relationship this weekend despite having a sore leg and a bit of a headache.
He looked at me. He looked at the telly. He looked at me again, then he went into the kitchen.
In less than 20 minutes time I was presented with what will go down in history as Jim’s Cheat Cheesecake. Sweet, rich and poshly presented in a little tumbler. It was bloody lovely. And he didn’t really think about it at all.

I hate him.

Cheat’s Cheesecake

Really quick, really simple, really lovely dessert.

Serves 2
250g quark (or other soft cheese)
4 stem ginger cookies
100g good milk chocolate
1 tbspn dark agave nectar
Tumblers or coffee cups to serve

Melt the chocolate over a bain marie. Smash up your biscuits into small pieces and put into the base of the tumblers. When the chocolate is melted, pour most of it into the tumblers (reserving about 2 good tsps) and mix with the broken biscuits then put the tumblers straight into the freezer.

Beat the quark with the agave until it is smooth then pour this into the tumblers and top with a splodge of the remaining chocolate. Put them back into the freezer for five minutes then serve to your girlfriend, taking careful effort to watch all of the smug drain right out of her.

variations- you could use any soft cheese for this; if you don’t have agave use icing sugar to sweeten; any crunchy biscuits would work for the base layer. 


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