20 Questions with The Victoria Inn!


There’s more to life than food.

There is also beer.

This week we are taking 20 Questions to Landlady Sheena of The Victoria Inn, Colchester: A self proclaimed Proper Pub and multi award winning type house of drinks. They throw a mean BBQ once in a while too, and don’t mention the annual fireworks extravaganza………..


1: Describe what you do without being boring? Adult Entertainment Industry (publican to you & me)

2: What’s great about what you do? Funny drunk people

3: What sucks about what you do? Stupid drunk people

4: Do you eat breakfast? Does tea & cigarettes count..?

5: Where/who is your favourite local food/drink business (other than your own)? Two Brews bottle shop – if only for Dennis –  the super cute shop puppy.

6: Which celeb chef would you want in your gang in the event of a zombie apocalypse and why? Marcus Wareing – one glare from those steely blues & the zombies would soon quit bothering us…(Swoontastic!)
Ed- I’m glad someone is finally thinking out of the Gordon Ramsay box on this. We must of course all be prepared for potential need to repopulate the planet once all the undead are, er, proper dead? 

Chef Wareing looking happier than usual at the prospect of facing the undead with our Sheena. Pic from country and townhouse.

7: What’s your go to comfort food? Soft stinky cheese

8: Who taught you how to cook? Trial & error

9: What’s the weirdest thing you have ever put in your mouth? Keep it clean! Sheeps Brains – long story..!
Ed- Are you sure Marcus will be safe with you?!?!?!?!

10: What one food would you erase from all existence? Spinach. No need for that horrid soggy yukkiness.

11: What’s on your kitchen playlist? BBC 6 Music..always

12: If you could eat out anywhere tonight where would you go and who would you dine with? Blue Strawberry with my lovely hubby
Ed- I’ve still never been! Must remedy this.

13: Do you have a signature dish? Ummm…not really. Like to try my hand at allsorts

14: Confess your biggest food sin……….. Fray Bentos Pies – so wrong..but…
Ed- Pure. Filth. 

15: If you had to restrict yourself to the cuisine of one country which would it be and why? China – so much variety, & lots of small bites. Then again, proper Italian Pizza is hard to beat..

16: Cake or biscuits? Biscuits

17: Tea or coffee? Tea.

18: Chunky chips or curly fries? Chunk chips, but PROPERLY cooked.

19: Wine or beer? Do I HAVE to choose?

20: Does pineapple belong on a pizza? Only with ham.
Ed- I know a spicy chicken that might change your mind……



Find out more about this truly pubby pub at http://www.victoriainncolchester.co.uk/ or tweet to @victoriainncol

Last time: Two Brews

Next time: Boneman’s BBQ


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