The New York State of Mind

street signI’ve been harping on about a trip to New York with the older male sibling for some time now and you may be relieved surprised to hear it is over already. We got home five days ago and all that is left of that little adventure is half a can of choc-full-o-nuts in the fridge and a malingering ghost of jet lag still prompting me wide awake and ready to go about two hours after I fall asleep each night.
Why New York? I could be boring and say why not? So much to see, to do, to eat, why would you not go?
In truth it is maybe a lazy destination. You can kid yourself that you are visiting a cultural melting pot of arts, commerce and a truly integrated international community with the comforting knowledge at all times that they speak English and you will get a lot more Well Known Coffee Chain for your buck than you would back in Blighty. Years of TV and Hollywood have ingrained the concept and components of NYC so deeply into your pop culture psyche that when you get there it is almost like you have been there before and just forgotten how much you liked it. You shouldn’t be scared of visiting New York- though I should clarify I didn’t make it out of Manhattan, which is big, bustling and (85% of the time) authentically friendly. The people are nice, even when you’re pulling a total dick maneuver like an unnamed Japanese tourist seen walking slow-mo, fingers out stretched to feel first hand the textures of Van Gough’s Cypress Trees at MoMA.
Ma’am, you can’t touch that please.
Ma’am? Seriously, as a puny civilian I was ready to drop my camera then drop that mentalist before she put her paws on the priceless artworks. But no, you get Ma’am.
I have to say I had hoped for a little of that famed NYC fiestiness, a few scowls and cusses and I’d have given my right arm to hear an authentic I’m walking heyah! Alas not, life is long and full of disappointments.
But what certainly didn’t disappoint, was the food. Yeah I know, culture, history, architecture, shopping, all great things but I was excited to eat in New York. Because you can eat anything, you can eat late, you can eat on the street or at a table. You can eat from most of the major and several minor cultures in the world without having to walk too far home to your classic brownstone or uniform hotel of choice. There’s going to be steaks, franks, pickles, beers, one dollar oysters, thai, sushi, juice blends, kebabs, weird flavoured pretzels, sandwiches with so many bread options it feels like too much of a headache to even order, protein shakes, muffins, funnel cakes, fruit baskets, it never ends. It was excruciating to prep my initial list of recommended and randomly researched eateries then whittle it down to just three days and four nights. Even then we had to miss a few through inclement weather and digestive fatigue. Yes, yes there were times when even we couldn’t have eaten another thing. Cue my introduction to the doggy bag and what I know will be a life long pining for the Lower East Side Pickle Day that we just couldn’t fit in around a red meat and wine hangover.

It’s not news to anyone that I love everything about dinners, from inception to Instagram. A lot of the time I am that idiot you see in the restaurant, snapping nine different angled shots of every plate of lettuce and onions that is set before me. I am also that irritating co-diner tapping away on my phone, tweeting the dessert before I let you eat it and making everyone else in the room roll their eyes and whisper about that bloody idiot over there taking all the photos. I don’t apologise for it, and this NYC trip has strengthened my resolve to document these things at all times, even if only for myself. A quick blast through my android swyped notes from last week has refreshed two things I had forgotten already. Awesome things that do not deserve to be forgotten, and in this chunk of bloggings I will spill back to you as much of it as I can fit in, mostly in micro review form. Look out for East Village BBQ, stupendous steaks, cereal milk ice cream and Lebanese red wine to name a few.

All I need now is a way to justify a twenty minute Tiffany’s inspired squueeeeee on a food blog……..


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