The Breakfast Club- Cobbles Kitchen

Where: Ogmore By The Sea, Bridgend What: Traditional and trendy fare, heavy on local produce How much? £10 a head for breakfast Overall:  Top notch, top marks, top everything Contact: 01656 646361 Being regular budget travelers, The Mr and I are neither adverse nor strangers to a Cheap Hotel Chain Of Choice buffet of overdone […]

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2017- The Dinner Resolutions

Believe it or not, I really don’t eat out very much and I’m horrible at choosing restaurants. One bad review in amoungst the three hundred full-star reports on trip advisor will cancel a booking and send me back to my tried and tested just eat menu or to the co op for some chillies and […]

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The New York State of Mind

I’ve been harping on about a trip to New York with the older male sibling for some time now and you may be relieved surprised to hear it is over already. We got home five days ago and all that is left of that little adventure is half a can of choc-full-o-nuts in the fridge […]

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Three Wise Monkeys

ed 30.05.16 more recent review here pls see if planning to eat here ed 30.03.16- note originally written prior to ground-floor expansion, very different feel now If you’re local to Colchester and you’ve not been to Three Wise Monkeys yet you are probably really sick of everyone going on about how you should go there. […]

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The Breakfast Club- Harvester

The Restaurant: Harvester Locations: Nationwide Specimen Venue: Colchester Menu: ‘Continental’ Buffet, unlimited hot items cooked to order Price: £2.99 (99p kids) all you can eat continental, £4.99 (£1.99 kids) to include hot items, bottomless coffee additional £2.25, other sundries available at further cost. Highlight: Good range on cold items Lowlight: see below! General Score: 5/10 […]

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Jamie Oliver’s Italian

Jamie Oliver. Now there’s a bloke who raises a mixed opinion. Yeah, he’s a bit of a nob with all the over affected Essex boyisms and unnecessary pounding of work surfaces and yes, his shows are often full of painfully scripted ‘friends and family’ who randomly turn up to devour and praise his makings but […]

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The Waterside Inn

The overwhelming realisation as I sit here to begin my review of The Waterside Inn is that I am in no way qualified to write a review of The Waterside Inn. I mean, I’ve eaten some good food in my time and not all of it from a random food festival stall or M&S £10 […]

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