Super Simple Coleslaw- Part II

Yeah, so, June, BBQ time, a great date to push forward another simple summer salad that you can bang out ten minutes before the guests arrive and you all sit out in the garden sipping Pimms and bathing in the wafts of meaty aroma while Dad burns off his eyebrows giving the coals a little ‘kick start’ with some kind of accelerant he found in the shed. Nice idea in theory, but my pasty white skin is wrapped in plenty of layers today and the heating has come on a couple of times this afternoon already so any themes of summery abandon are out the window and into the rainy gale that’s blowing outside.

Good job that this little slaw mix goes as well with a big fat steak and some potatoes as well as it does with cremated BBQ burgers and the salmonella-russian-roulette-chicken drumstick.

I wont go on, it’s terribly easy and really tasty. Sweet earthiness of beetroot balanced with the kick of horseradish, bulked out with some carrot and cooled by creme fraiche- and easy to alter those taste levels to your own personal perference. Fab, and ready in minutes, great use for those big fat end of season fresh beetroot we’re seeing at the moment. And don’t forget to rustle up something interesting with those greens.

Horseradish and Beetroot Coleslaw


Equal weights of fresh beetroot (peeled weight) and carrots
Creme fraiche
Horseradish sauce
Salt & pepper

This one really is easy- grate your beetroot into a bowl that wont stain, then wash your hands before they do!!!! Grate in the carrot then use creme fraiche and horseradish to combine them into a coleslaw. I like to be about half and half, but I like my horseradish so more timid tastebuds might want to go heavier on the creme fraiche. Season to taste and wallop, you’re done.

Serve with steaks, BBQ meats or very strong cheese, or other salads, or anything you like really.

variations- for the love of god don’t do this one with mayo, it kills the beetroot flavour! Sour cream would work if you don’t have/want cremefraiche. You could also add onion or shredded cabbage but you will play away from the beetroot flavour, which really is the star in this. 


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