VIFC Meeting- Veg!

I think it is fair to say at the end of last month’s meeting there weren’t many whoops of joy as the theme of Vegetable was drawn. For clarity this meant that dishes for the October meeting had to not just involve but star vegetables. Major food groups such as meat, fish and chocolate were […]

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VIFC Meeting- Chocolate!

As I have hinted of late, I have been fortunate enough to get a seat at the table of a little group of foodies who gather in the upstairs room of The Victoria Inn in Colchester for the discussion (and inevitable consumption) of all things edible. Each week a theme is set and by wild […]

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The chocolate chore.

I never thought I would be pissed off after having an afternoon to play around with making some chocolate dishes. I love chocolate! Turns out I love eating chocolate and that doing anything with chocolate (other than scoff it infront of the TV) without a cook book is a bitch. Let me bring you to speed, on […]

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