A Little Plug- Tess’s Cakes

I’d like to take a moment, if I may, to draw your attention a fine foodie establishment local to my neck of the woods- Tess’s Cakes. 

Quite frankly, their work is amazeballs!

The Taz Cake

You can check out their full range of services at www.tesscakes.co.uk but if you are too lazy to click on that link I can tell you that they will rustle up pretty much any kind of cake you want, for any occasion- birthdays, weddings, corporate do’s, ritual animal sacrifices, you get the idea. They offer a range of cake flavours from Chocolate Mud (mmm, chocolate mud) to Rich Fruit cake and even offer variations for diet restrictions too so food allergy types needn’t suffer the horrors of not being able to have their cake and eat it.

Oh come on you can handle one bad ‘cake and eat it’ joke, surely?

Awesome campervan cake. Please pretend I made a clever joke about happy campers.

And if that wasn’t enough, not only will they sell you these edible masterpieces, you can learn how to make them yourself at one of their cup cake decorating courses. I say it again, amazeballs! Just check out their website for the details. I may even see you there at one of them.

Think you could try your hand at turning out some of these little beauties?

Tess’s Cakes. Marvellous.


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