The Breakfast CLub- Continental Cafe

It’s been a while since I’ve found myself in the streets of Maldon, a saltmarsh town in Essex I’m pretty fond of. It’s equally twee and grotesque- traditional narrow streets and upcoming mega housing estates of doom; cutesy indie shops and a bloody Card Factory; beer and sea salt. And a lovey little prom walk swarming with dog walkers and old boys with remote control boats who should know better but aren’t causing any bother so just leave them to it….
So, this morning I fancied a walk in Maldon but after an evening of unsupervised access to a bottle of ten year old single malt the Mr found himself unable to commit to much, other than the odd grumble and some vacant staring. As compromise is key to any lasting relationship, I dragged his sorry overhang across the A414 for a walk anyway. OK fine, greasy carbs followed by a walk.

And thus, we found ourselves at Continental Cafe, a one stop grub shop that has provided shelter from the hungry storm on many occasions before.
One thing I have to say is that I don’t get where the name came from, because the menu in this place is so archetypically British Tea Room that if given the chance it would probably vote UKIP. But not in a bad way. And not without the odd surprise.
So yes it’s dark wood and retro decor in the main tea room, doorstep deep cakes and a cream slice worth writing home about. Plus the expected fodder of sturdy sandwiches, jacket potatoes and the like for later in the day. Our latest mission, however, lead us only to their breakfast menu.

The Continental Coffee. A creamy caffeine hit like no other.

As it goes, it’s not a massive menu but it covers all of the expected bases with a fry up, a really big fry up, waffles and pancakes for the kids and avo toast for the influencers.
But before the food let’s look at beverages, as we’re talking hangover rescue, and the coffee here at CC is more than acceptable. If you’re feeling a little second hand and low on blood sugar when you visit you might want to check out the Continental Special- a latte base topped with an inch of whipped cream and a spattering of smashed nuts. Proper walnuts and almonds, mind, not some horrid grainy Chopped Mixed Catering Nuts disappointment. In theory, this drink is a balanced meal in itself if only in calories but it served as a suitable warm up for my companion. And a good thing to take some early sustenance as on a spring Sunday morning the service at CC wasn’t the fastest, but then they were packed to the edges with hungry Maldonian punters. Always trust a busy tea room.

When the food got to us it was hot, tasty and nicely turned out. Mr went with the veggie run of their Big Breakfast which really did live up to its name with 4 veggie sausages, beans, thick granary toast, mushrooms, tomatoes and an overly generous pile of scrambled egg. I’m not sure I can put enough emphasis on generous. Reader, he needed help to finish it. That never happens. I went with fried cherry tomatoes and mushrooms with toast and a cheeky hashbrown on the side and was not disappointed. Although they aren’t high on veggie and vegan options the ones there are all tempting. And true carnivores will be able to add some black pudding to their plate, which is a must for me when I’m indulging.
There’s only so much you can bang on about a cooked breakfast- so I’ll round up with ‘it was very tasty’ and I would happily return here. The real selling point for Continental Cafe for me is that they know their brief and they execute it well. Hot, homely meals served with a smile and no pretence. Good coffee and good toast. Sold.

If you feel like giving them a go head to Maldon High St and expect to spend about £15 a head for a cooked breakfast and a hot drink. And seriously consider the Belgian Waffles because they went past us and looked AMAZING. See what’s on offer by clicking here.

Next post might be a musing on how old is too old to eat dessert for breakfast?

A Veggie Big Breakfast at Continental Cafe, Maldon

One thought on “The Breakfast CLub- Continental Cafe

  1. Been here too, absolutely excellent. And age is definitely no bar to eating dessert for breakfast.

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