Trial and Purition.

A couple of weeks ago a Facebook marketing pop up got the better of me and I clicked on a random ad for Purition- a wholefood based protein supplement that various sinister AI cookies decided I might like. I was maybe hungry, I was maybe vulnerable to suggestion and I was definitely sick of the […]

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The Skinny Thing- Flex Off!

*sweary rant warning* So, after banging on about how I had the hang of smartpoints finally and Weight Watchers was no longer making me want to periodically hang myself, the buggers went and changed it all. All legit plan followers- so those using the official app or attending group sessions- will have been introduced to […]

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The Skinny Thing- 4 Week Catch Up

Some weeks ago I had a personal overshare on my current fight against the bulge and previous life experience as a fatty. Oddly this turned out to be one of the most hit posts (in the least time) that I have ever penned. How charming that the facebook masses will flock so mercilessly to get a good […]

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