The Vegan Diaries- a post script

A Beefeater dinner, ironically compiled of pork ribs and chicken.

<—–I ate this last night, and it was bloody marvellous. I don’t regret a single mouthful- I’ve been the to the gym four times this week and celebrated a relationship milestone so yeah, guilt free treats all round. But now I’m facing the start of another week and as I sit here in front of the TV enjoying a cheese on toast dinner I have to ask myself- what the hell is this Sinbad crap on Sky 1? Yeesh. I also have to ask myself if I feel as good as I did on Friday night. I don’t, but that’s no great surprise really as it’s been two days of yoghurt and cheese and omelette and chocolate and a fair amount of wine not to mention crappy cold wet weather and standard Sunday Night Slump. You know, that insidious depression that seeps into you as you realise that all you have left to do with the day is wait for it to be Monday. Horrors.
But taking all of this into account I’m still inclined to remember a previously mentioned clean feeling that was present towards the end of my vegan week. You know, after the headaches and intense tiredness and other moans and groans I had. My actual insides felt good. They don’t feel bad now, but they don’t feel as good as they did.
I enjoyed a meaty feast last night, but I didn’t miss it before. I’ve had a silly amount of cheddar for tea tonight but only because it was in the fridge and needed using up. I’ve had several opportunities for ice cream this weekend, and passed on all of them. No really I did.
I wont go on about my issues with milk, it takes too long and angers a lot of people. In short, I’m not an advocate of a high dairy diet. Meat is, essentially dead things and although I don’t feel an enormous moral compulsion that it is wrong to eat dead things, I can’t help thinking that maybe I don’t need to do so all the time. If I don’t really miss it, and possibly feel a bit better without it, then does avoiding it help everyone in a round about sort of way? I’m not going to deny myself, long term denial leads to shame spiral binges in my experience, but I’m going to cut down. More than I first thought. I might even eventually become a full weekday vegan.
It will start tomorrow morning, with a black coffee and go on to a chickpea salad lunch and a veggie stew dinner.

After that, well we shall have to see.


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