Very Warm Chickpea Salad

Ah, summertime, when life is nought but Will Smith jams and over dressed lettuces. A pesto drizzled heap of rocket is all well and good but a girl (or a boy, crikey) cannot live on feathery greens alone. A girl/boy/fraggle doesn’t always want to cook loads in the hotter days either and this is when […]

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All Inclusive Salad

Most people remember their first proper couples holiday pretty fondly. Some return there every summer, anniversaries, honeymoons, the lot just to relive those heady sunscreen-scented days of early romance and short haul flights. Let’s be honest it’s hard not to have The Feelings when you’re off work and away from the inlaws in a climate […]

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Chickpea Salad

Invented on the hop for an impromptu BBQ with cupboard basics and the dregs of the fridge contents the day before Morrissons Day! I enjoy chickpeas for diet friendly bulk, they are filling with reasonable protein and fibre content. They are also a nice summer feed for the non carnivores and just that bit tastier […]

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Tabbouleh– a traditional Arabic salad based around bulgar wheat, tomatoes and parsley but you needn’t stop there. Onions, mint, cucumber, chilli, coriander- basically any fresh, flavoursome or crunchy raw ingredients. You can even swap the bulgar for couscous or rice but I don’t know why you would. For me, it’s the firm texture and nutty […]

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The Chocolate Chore result- Rosemary Infused Orange & Almond Salad with Cocoa-Balsamic dressing

I’m actually rather proud of this one, because in this day and age it’s not that easy to come up with something original in the food stakes. A quick google tends to prove that someone else has already done it. They say there are only seven possible stories in the world of fiction, it may […]

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Slow Roast Tomatoes

I must start off by giving credit here to my friend and colleague Helen who told me yesterday I simply had to try these slow roast, tapas-type tomatoes. She promised a transformation of any bog standard 50p packet of tomatoes into a moreish veggie treat great as a barbecue side, starter or general nice picky thing- currently topical […]

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Home Sprouts Part One: Puy Lentils

Gardening doesn’t really come easily to me, mostly because I don’t have a garden unless you count the sunless patch of communal grass riddled with fag ends and staffy wee at the front of my block of flats.  In fact any hands on cultivation of that land could well end up in literally green fingers. […]

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Super Simple Coleslaw

I love coleslaw.  It’s all crunchy and moreish and versatile and it goes with all the best meals in life- you know, the BBQs and Boxing Day Buffets and summer Sunday cold cut lunches.  Strictly speaking it should include cabbage and carrot in a creamyish sauce but you really can put your own stamp on […]

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