20 Questions with The Farmcafe

Today on 20 Questions we are at Farmcafe in Marlesford, an excellent eatery and stores in lovely Suffolk that you may remember from little plugs past.  Assistant manager Sarah has joined the heady ranks of our Questioneers with a love of all things beefy and a rare vote for our Chefs of The Zombie Apocalypse. 1: Describe […]

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20 Questions with Gourmet Anglia!

Today on 20 Questions we have Tracey from Gourmet Anglia– purveyor of truly gorgeous small batch kitchen and homewares. I think I could only like this webshop more if it offered a one hour gin-to-desk delivery service, but there is always time to expand. We are also doing a little giveaway inspired by her love […]

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Grow Your Own! The Wind Down.

It’s nice, as we descend into the season of falling leaves and escalating rows about the central heating settings, to be able to say that I have really enjoyed my garden these past few weeks. In the real sense of just being out there and having s good time. In the earlier half of the […]

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20 Questions with the OMS

  Yup, it’s time to take five minutes to appreciate the culinary musings of the Older Male Sibling: food flogger, Pomme D’Or alumni and champion crispsndips hogger since 1977. He ain’t heavy. 1: Describe what you do without being boring? I work for a company who make all sorts of lovely food for the big retailers. […]

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Are You Going to Eat…..Quark?

Did everyone see that rather brilliant long read By Bee Wilson in the Guardian this week about the rise and (arguable) demise of the clean eating phenomenon? It is a very well written and astute commentary around current attitudes to lifestyle, the evils of social media and the assumed right to violently defend a factually […]

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Squash Blossom Risotto

Despite recent radish issues and an out and out potato fail, my garden is currently offering up some really wonderful pumpkin and courgette flowers which have been going into our new favourite summer evening dinner. I do love a risotto, and weirdly I forget how much I love a risotto quite frequently and hadn’t made […]

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Grow Your Own! 5 Easy Home Crops

  Believe it or not you don’t need several acres of allotment and hours of daily toiling to achieve a decent edible production line direct to your kitchen- it needn’t be an exercise in endless soil turning and Alan Titchmarsh tomes. You don’t even need that much ground if you have space for some decent sized […]

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A Little Plug- Kovalam Restaurant

What: South Indian Cuisine Where: 27 Waterside , Brightlingsea, CO7 0AY How Much: £20-£25 a head Overall: 9/10 When it comes to memories of a town, so many people associate my little corner of the world on the Essex Coast with that brilliant little Indian near the water. It’s called Kovalam, it was on my list of […]

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