The Elvis Pound Cake

Just a quickie but I’ve been meaning to have a bash at the cake recipe widely rumoured to be the favourite of The King himself for some time now. If there was a dude who knew how to eat,  well, maybe we’ll get to Henry VIII another time but Elvis certainly did too! Think pound […]

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VIFC Meeting- Veg!

I think it is fair to say at the end of last month’s meeting there weren’t many whoops of joy as the theme of Vegetable was drawn. For clarity this meant that dishes for the October meeting had to not just involve but star vegetables. Major food groups such as meat, fish and chocolate were […]

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VIFC Meeting- Fruit!

I have been shamefully slow in the writing up of the May meeting of The Victoria Inn Food Club, and for this, well, lets pretend I have a good excuse and move on. The May meeting, as determined by the age old fail safe of drawing names from a hat, was fruit, and much like […]

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The Cake Story

It’s the best kind of story!!!!!! And it begins with myself and the boy, wandering past a small cakery at least once every Saturday whilst about our business in sunny Colchester. With each passing we at least slowed down, if not all together stopped to admire the edible artworks in the window. We didn’t go in, […]

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